I began writing and recording music as a teenager in Calgary, Alberta, first in a small band with some friends and then as a solo rapper. After recording a handful of singles under the alias JeriKo, I decided in order to take music more seriously I needed to pursue an education, so I enrolled in a certificate course on digital music production at SAIT. During these courses I discovered a passion for the technical aspects of music production and engineering, and decided that the scope of the SAIT course was much smaller than what I was hoping to pursue. With only $100 in my account and limited financial support from my family, I moved to Vancouver to pursue a more advanced education and a music scene with far more opportunity for steady work.
 While completing a diploma course through a scholarship on recording audio at LaSalle College Vancouver (formerly The Art Institute of Vancouver) I continued to develop my knowledge of digital production and engineering, and I developed an interest in composition and music theory. In my free time between homework and doing live sound gigs I studied music theory and orchestration beyond the scope of my formal education, teaching myself more advanced jazz and classical techniques and finding a particular interest in experimental music.
 While in college I released my first EP under the alias JeriKo, an experimental electronic concept titled Sun’s Dead. I also did production and composition work on a number of other EP’s and student projects during that time, applying the skills I’d learned in school into real life scenarios. Notably I collaborated with Dorieus on the album Change of Plans and did production on EP’s with various rappers and R&B singers.
 In the future I want to continue exploring the capacity for music to expression emotion in its purest form through film music for hire and my own personal exploration of the form.